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Retrospective review functionality added to Esper

The latest feature of Esper’s policy management solution allows governments to conduct retrospective reviews of their regulations.

Matthew Moloney September 6, 2022

Esper, a leading provider of cloud-based policy management tools, is proud to announce brand new product capabilities that allow government agencies to conduct a retrospective review of their regulations. 

While retrospective review is a relatively new concept, it’s used extensively across state and federal government agencies as a mechanism to ensure outdated and redundant policies are removed or updated. Retrospective reviews can be mandated by an Executive Order, in the case of Montana, or mandated by legislation, in the case of Tennessee. 

In its most basic form, retrospective reviews require agencies to analyze and update their policies on a regular cadence (e.g. every 5 years). We’ve heard first-hand from our government partners that the process of tracking which policies are due for review, assigning the work and completing reports is a near impossible task when you consider the sheer scope of policy in any given agency. 

This work is currently being conducted through a myriad of manual processes and spreadsheets—without any strong existing practices in place.

Enter Esper’s new Retrospective Review product. 

Conducting a comprehensive retrospective regulatory review with Esper

Our retrospective review feature set supports agencies as they undertake comprehensive regulatory review, in which they systematically review all regulations to determine if any change is necessary.

Retrospective Regulatory Review - Dashboard

A snapshot of what governments can accomplish with Retrospective Review

  • Review rules according to parts of the administrative code (title, chapter, etc.)
  • Track progress towards review goals
  • Submit decisions on rules
  • Automate a task-based approval and review workflow
  • Auto generate review reports
  • Effectively project manage all ongoing work
  • Set up notifications and reminders for future review cycles

Launching Retrospective Review across the State of Tennessee

Since 2019, Esper has partnered with several Tennessee agencies to modernize their rulemaking processes.

Esper’s Retrospective Review tool will operationalize T.C.A. 4-5-213, which requires every Tennessee department to submit a report of their chapters to the Chairs of the Government Operations Committees.

These agencies will use Esper to manage the statutorily required retrospective regulatory review.

Stakeholders within Tennessee will be able to complete this project from start to finish with Esper.

Retrospective Regulatory Review - Rule Expanded

Each user within Tennessee can:

  • Review existing rules: View and read the text of each rule
  • Select a determination: Determine whether each rule should be amended, repealed, reviewed further or continue in effect without amendment
  • Utilize the workflow: Move the Chapter review through the approval process using Esper’s flexible workflow and see who has approved what and when
  • Track all progress: See how many chapters have been reviewed and the percentage of work outstanding
  • Produce a report: Export an automated report that includes all statutorily required information and the determination

Creating a source of truth for policy work

This addition to Esper continues our mission to be the source of truth for an agency’s regulatory and internal policy work. Our purpose-built policy management software receives continuous enhancements to tackle the unique challenges of government policymaking. With more product improvements coming in the near future, we plan to continue building the leading policy management software for governments.

To see Retrospective Review in action, please schedule some time with one of our government experts.

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