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Esper continues Tennessee expansion with Attorney General’s Office partnership

Tennessee Office of the Attorney General will be leveraging Esper’s policy management solution for rulemaking reviews across the state.

The Tennessee Office of the Attorney General plays an important role—to be the state’s law office serving Tennessee with principled, independent and excellent counsel.

According to T.C.A. § 4-5-211, the Tennessee Office of the Attorney General is responsible for reviewing the legality and constitutionality of every rule filed for all 23 state agencies within Tennessee.

Since the inception of this law in 1982, the work has been historically manual in nature. In 2022, the Tennessee Office of the Attorney General partnered with Esper—leveraging their policy management solution to automate and execute on this critical review process.

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Esper is configuring a tailored policy workflow for the Tennessee Office of the Attorney General to review rulemakings across all state agencies.

This streamlined review process will greatly improve operations for the Tennessee Office of the Attorney General by integrating with the five state departments already using Esper’s policy management solution and allowing the Attorney General’s office to configure a standalone workflow to standardize their review across all other departments.

The partnership is part of a strategic expansion and adoption of Esper throughout the Volunteer State. Esper was chosen by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee to support five state-wide agencies, with plans to expand to more in the future. Esper provides these agencies with automated workflow and review tools, policy drafting and review tools, data insights and the ability to house key institutional knowledge.

When COVID-19 hit, the Tennessee Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse leveraged Esper’s software to seamlessly transfer to remote work at the onset of the pandemic, with no delays in their rulemaking process.

For the Tennessee Department of Human Services, Esper deployed tools that allow them to draft, update and repeal rulemakings, import and use policy document templates and house key institutional knowledge in one single source of truth.

The Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation, Tennessee Department of Health and Tennessee Department of Commerce Insurance mapped their business logic and workflows within Esper to automate their rulemaking processes.

With additional expansion on the horizon—including functionality for all agencies in Tennessee to conduct retrospective reviews of their regulations—Esper and Tennessee are forging a long-standing, strategic partnership to continue modernizing policymaking throughout the state.

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