Esper has Shut Down

After four years of trying to save people time, we’ve decided to shut down Esper. Esper started off as an executive assistant service focused on scheduling but later helped people manage meeting overload by charting how time was spent, creating meeting agendas, and collecting post-meeting ratings. Unfortunately, Esper has not seen the user growth or revenue needed to sustain the product, and we’ve decided to shut things down.

All subscriptions have been canceled and paying users are being refunded on a prorated basis as appropriate.

All customer data will be deleted from our systems. This includes all calendar data, payment information, analytics data, and access tokens. We will not sell or provide customer data to any other companies.

We're proud of all the work that everyone at Esper has put into the product over the years, and we regret not being to do more. We continue to believe that excessive and poorly planned meetings remain a very real problem for companies both large and small and believe that there is an opportunity (albeit a difficult one) for anyone who can solve this.

Need Help?

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