We partner with government to evaluate and identify policies that boost innovation and human flourishing.
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The Esper Platform

Esper helps government transparently evaluate regulation using public feedback and metric-driven processes. We transform regulatory data into actionable insights to boost policy innovation and support a thriving community. 


Structured regulatory data
Transform thousands of pages of static regulatory text into organized, dynamic data. Aggregate regulations you want to track and add customizable tags and metadata to monitor policy performance.


Complex and fine-grained search
Use our custom and highly optimized search functionality to find rules relevant to your department or industry and compare regulatory performance across jurisdictions.  


Automatic rule flags
Flag rules and receive alerts on regulations with high compliance costs, outdated statutory authority, or approaching expiration dates to maximize organizational efficiency. 



Our mission is to provide a sustainable framework for regulatory management using market and citizen feedback.

Thousands of regulations exist at every level of government, but no infrastructure exists to map and manage regulatory policy. Both technology and regulation deeply influence how we work and live, but the two rarely operate simultaneously. Esper is changing this with a regulatory framework that streamlines government workflows to respond to an evolving marketplace of ideas.




At Esper, we imagine a world where public policy works in harmony with evolving markets and technology. We are constantly changing both as a society and as individuals through learning and experimentation, and we need policies that can similarly adapt to new information. We created Esper to provide a foundation for regulatory excellence that supports job creation, economic vitality, and social and environmental well-being.   



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We strive to bring regulation and regulatory processes to light with an infrastructure that makes policy accessible and easy to understand. 

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Esper was born out of a desire to help government and the community understand how regulations impact our economic and social well-being. 

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We believe in empowering people to take ownership and responsibility in decision-making both within our company and through our product. 

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We thrive in an environment that encourages constructive feedback, open communication and truthfulness.


Founding Team


Maleka Momand, Co-Founder & CEO

B.A. Political Science, University of Central Arkansas, Director, Argive



Jason Mirra, Co-founder & CTO

Co-Founder & Former CTO, Addepar


Lilli Oetting, Co-Founder & Software Engineer 

B.S. Computer Science, Stanford University, Co-Founder, Sesh




Joe Lonsdale, Co-founder

Co-Founder Palantir, Addepar, OpenGov 


Tayler Lonsdale, Co-Founder

Advisor, Medal
Board of Directors, Argive



Zac Bookman

Co-Founder & CEO, OpenGov


Kevin Simler
Former Director of Engineering, Palantir
Author, Elephant in the Brain