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Purpose-Built Tools for PolicyMakers

Cloud-based policy management software for government

Esper’s suite of policy collaboration and workflow tools are trusted by government agencies across North America. Explore the benefits of moving to a platform that manages the end-to-end policymaking process.

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Collaborate and draft policy in Esper

Collaborating on policy has never been easier. Policymakers can create templates, draft policy and easily track versions all from Esper. Once a policy is ready for review, it can be assigned to key stakeholders to collect feedback. Rulemakings can then be exported in your agency’s desired format and non-regulatory policy can be published directly to Esper.

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policy management tools

Research state and federal policy from one place

Esper offers a robust, easy-to-search database of regulations and laws. With Esper, agency staff can complete advanced searches to narrow in on policies of interest and conduct side-by-side comparisons of policies. Agencies are also able to identify policies that are non-compliant and may require further attention.

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policy management system

Automate internal workflows and track key milestones

During implementation, our team will work with key stakeholders to capture all policy requirements and automate task-based assignments & approval workflows. Once a project begins, Esper allows your agency to set key milestones and track the entire policymaking lifecycle from one dashboard. User permissions and notifications are also configurable to ensure staff are assigned to projects and reminded of deadlines.

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policy management solutions

Incorporate meaningful feedback from the public

Agencies are able to streamline public comment management with Esper. Users can import and transcribe public comments, collect comments from a digital form and group similar comments together. These comments can be seamlessly attached to ongoing policy, with the ability to generate response documents.

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policy management platform

Built for every step of the policy lifecycle

Esper can be configured for any agency stakeholder

Policy Advisor

Esper allows for collaborative policy drafting, review and publishing. Policymakers can also research any existing state & federal regulations and track key policy milestones.

Agency Director

With Esper, agency director’s can quickly review, update and approve policy within Esper. This empowers agency directors to proactively plan and implement policy agenda.

General Counsel

Our software allows for streamlined legal review with robust legal research and analysis tools, allowing you to collaboratively draft and review policy.

Information Office

Esper provides a consolidated IT solution for policymaking with our secure, cloud-based platform.

Data-Driven Policy

Search, analyze and bookmark federal and state regulations

Esper empowers government agencies to create more transparent and up-to-date policies. Users are able to quickly research, compare and flag federal & state regulations—and compare them side-by-side to any ongoing policy drafts. Agency staff no longer need to allocate resources to manually research regulations or manage multiple software systems for this critical work.

Our Mission

Esper is the system of record for policymaking in government

We strive to empower governments to create more equitable and transparent policies with our data-driven platform.

Manage the end-to-end policymaking process

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