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A modern framework for public policy

Esper helps you leverage data for more effective & efficient policymaking

Esper is your source of truth for public policy. We support your policy process with:


Data-driven analysis

Custom metrics help you assess the policy landscape across jurisdictions

Collaborative policymaking

Source of truth for cross-functional teams

Stakeholder engagement

Collect feedback from key stakeholders on policy issues

Operational visibility

Track your team’s progress towards key milestones

Esper is used by governments and private sector organizations to achieve policy goals.

"This tool has been invaluable for tailoring my research without having to work through hours of irrelevant material.”

Kentucky Division Director

"Esper is a game changer for helping our organization quickly identify, prioritize, and carry out policy initiatives.”

Missouri General Counsel

"I am not technologically savvy—but I can honestly say that Esper made my job so much easier!”

Kentucky Agency Administrator

Esper processes over


words of public policy


pages of regulation

Cut down months of research to help your organization more efficiently and effectively plan public policy.

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