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Give Meaning to Your Calendar

With Esper, you can quickly tag your calendar events with objectives, milestones, and whatever else matters to you. Then use that data to create sleek charts showing how you spent your time.

It's Auto-Magical

Don't feel like tagging your events? Esper can use calendar metadata such as event duration, invited guests, and more to automatically generate data on how you're spending your time. Just hook up your calendar. We'll do the rest.

Gain Actionable Insights

Esper gives you a heads up display for your time that goes beyond what your calendar offers. Both assistants and executives use Esper to find time sinks, improve scheduling, and get ahead of their work week. Or month.

Our clients love using Esper

- Brandi, Dropbox

“It gives the EA the metrics and charts they need to develop a narrative about how his/her lead spends their time … Numbers don't lie!”

Maximize your productivity with Esper.