You can do it all, we're here to help.

Esper for Executive Assistants supercharges your inbox
to expertly handle any task.


Your inbox. Your calendar. Synchronized.

With Esper Calendaring, get an integrated view of your calendar within your inbox. Create, view, edit, and send invites directly from your email.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Forget calculating time zones, writing routine emails, and remembering to send event reminders. Esper Scheduling tools put time zone conversions, one-click customizable email templates, and set-and-forget reminder emails at your fingertips.


Private Notes Right In Your Inbox.

No need to search long email threads or switch between screens for context. Esper Task Notes let you save critical information inside your email.

Always Know What Is On Your Plate.

With Esper Task List, you always know what is going on. Task List compiles all of your work into one central list with the click of a button -- combining emails, calendar events, and Task Notes.


Esper Executive iOS App.

With the Esper Executive App, Executives can send new tasks, answer questions with a single touch, and receive all the context needed before each meeting. Best of all, the Esper Executive App dovetails directly with Esper for Executive Assistants into one cohesive communication system for your team.

Esper Agenda Keeps You Connected.

With Esper Agenda, quickly draft agendas so everyone knows where they are supposed to be. Schedule daily agendas to automatically be sent or edit first and then send it along.

Maximize your productivity with Esper.