The end-to-end policy management platform

Consolidate all of your policy processes into one solution

  • Collaborative policy drafting, review & approval
  • Robust, easy-to-search database of regulations & laws
  • Meaningful citizen engagement with public comments

Policy as a Service

Manage every step of the policy process

policy management workflow

Automate all of your policy workflows

Esper will work closely with your agency to automate policy workflows, create document templates and set user permissions. We help you create a single source of truth for all of your processes with our policy management platform.

policymaking management
stakeholder project management

Streamline collaboration across stakeholders

Our policy management platform allows staff to seamlessly collaborate on any form of policy. From policy drafting to review to publication, all of these critical tasks can be completed and tracked within Esper.

policymaking system, policymaking software
data transparency in policymaking

Simplify research & policy analysis

Our team has developed AI tools that have ingested state, federal and Canadian regulations and laws. Agency staff can easily research and compare policies alongside any of these regulations or laws ensuring policies are up-to-date—all from our policy management platform.

policymaking cycle - TABC
stages of policymaking

Improve public engagement on policies

Capturing and analyzing public comments on policy is critical. Esper’s policy management platform allows agencies to import & transcribe public comments, collect digital comments and easily categorize & group comments. These comments can then be attached to the corresponding policy.

public policymaking process - citizen engagement
the policymaking process

Visualize key milestones & due dates

In addition to automating workflows, Esper captures timelines for all of your processes. These key milestones & due dates are automatically generated once a new policy is started and visualized right in the dashboard of our policy management platform.

policy management platform, policymaking software
public policymaking

Easily publish or export finished policies

Once a policy is finalized, Esper allows agencies to export that policy in their desired format or publish directly within Esper. Publishing directly within Esper allows agencies to track and analyze additional metrics like engagement and compliance.

policymaking process

Data-driven policy management platform

Learn how Esper can help your agency streamline operations

Purpose-Built for Government

Our policy management platform is built with your agency in mind

policy making management

Modern user interface

Esper allows agencies to consolidate multiple pieces of legacy tools into a single intuitive and easy-to-use experience.

policy making system

Configurable notifications

Agencies can configure in-product and email notifications to ensure stakeholders are kept in the loop on any required tasks.

policy making software

Mobile-friendly policies

Esper allows agency staff to view mobile-friendly versions of policy. This ensures policy is accessible no matter whether you’re in the office or in a squad car.

data transparency in policy making

House institutional knowledge

With Esper, agencies can keep track of all previous versions of policies, track changes to a policy and allow for quick comparisons of previous versions.

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