How government workflow management software is streamlining policymaking

This on-demand webinar explores how governments are using technology to streamline and modernize their policymaking.

Matthew Moloney August 4, 2022

Citizens interact with workflows countless times throughout their day-to-day lives. Whether ordering groceries from Amazon or requesting a Lyft to the airport, workflows guide and automate almost all digital experiences people have. This is no different for governments. Over the last few years, government workflow management software has given local, state and federal governments the ability to automate and digitize experiences for their citizens and staff.

Esper’s government workflow management software enables government agencies to automate all of their policy workflows and approval processes—creating a streamlined approach to rulemaking and policy management. This process has been historically manual in nature, or has required government staff to juggle multiple pieces of software and technologies to handle the workload. Esper allows agencies to consolidate all of their policy processes—from policy drafting to regulatory research to public comment collection to project management—into a single piece of software.

This on-demand webinar dives into how governments across the U.S. are using Esper to:

  • Research federal and state regulations
  • Create, draft and collaborate on new policies (regulations, SOPs, handbooks, etc.)
  • Assign policies for stakeholder review
  • Identify regulations in need of updating
  • Track the lifecycle of all ongoing projects
  • Manage and analyze public comments

How are local and state agencies using Esper’s government workflow management software?

Esper’s clients range from the Montana Office of the Governor to the California Department of Motor Vehicles to the New York City Police Department (NYPD).

In the State of Montana, Governor Greg Gianforte and Lieutenant Governor Kristen Juras leveraged Esper’s government workflow management software to kick-start a state-wide regulatory reform initiative. With Esper, they are able to inventory and identify all  of their regulations, flag regulations that are in need of reform, standardize rulemaking workflows, track deadlines and key milestones, collect and share internal feedback and allow the Governor’s Office to review, greenlight or make suggestions on flagged regulations.

Governor Kristen Juras - Regulatory Reform Red-Tape Relief

Esper helped me standardize a workflow, we did not have that prior to Esper. They have been instrumental in this work.

Governor Kristen Juras - Regulatory Reform Red-Tape Relief
Kristen Juras
Lieutenant Governor, State of Montana

The New York City Police Department has a living and breathing procedural manual in excess of 3,000 pages that requires constant updates from the department. Esper will be deploying their government workflow management software for the NYPD, allowing them to digitize this procedural manual and make real-time updates, track and house all changes and publish the final procedural manual—with a mobile responsive version for officers in the field—to all 50,000 employees at the department.

Danielle Pemberton headshot

NYPD’s partnership with Esper allows us to build and maintain modern, transparent and equitable policies for our more than 50,000 employees to better serve the great people of this City. These types of strategic partnerships set us up not only for success today, but for the future.

Danielle Pemberton headshot
Danielle Pemberton
Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Initiatives, NYPD

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To see how Esper’s government workflow management software can help your agency digitize and automate your rulemaking and policy management, please schedule some time with one of our government experts.

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