mitigating risk in policymaking

Mitigating Risk in Government Policymaking

Maleka Momand June 10, 2024

We meet with dozens of government agencies every single month to learn about how they develop and publish policy. Some have more sophisticated processes than others, some have technology in place, and others are starting from scratch. But the one thing they all have in common? They’ve experienced unwanted or unnecessarily complex litigation due to policy.

Policy not only governs citizens, but also what agencies can and can’t do. Policy sets the guidelines for what’s acceptable, and government staff are required to attest and abide by them. Maintaining an organized, up to date, and easy to use Policy Library is critical to ensuring agency staff are compliant with policies. 

Esper’s Policy Library is purpose-built for government agencies. It’s designed to be a living system of record for all agency policy. (And yes, we will upload your policies from the 1980s if you need them digitally!) Customers love the Policy Library because it creates a single source of truth for their policy, eliminating messy, duplicative, or outdated filing systems they typically use. The result? A user-friendly platform to house agency policy that reduces risk of future litigation.

Here are some of the reasons why customers are relying on Esper’s Policy Library more than ever.

Mitigating exposure to legal risk: 

  • All employees have real-time access to the Policy Library, where they can search across the policies (historical and active) to understand what they need to comply with. 
  • Agencies can track attestation to policies with ease, ensuring that they have a record of staff signing off on policies.

Reducing the amount of time responding to requests for information: 

  • “What was the version of this policy in 2005?” That’s a question agencies get all too often, and tracking down that information is time-consuming and unnecessarily manual. With Esper, staff can easily look up historical versions of a policy and cut down on time usually spent hunting down a paper trail. 

Eliminating multiple systems and organizational silos:

  • By centralizing agency manuals into a single Policy Library, the agency saves money on multiple systems that are all trying to solve the same problem. 
  • Subdivisions and agency staff are better connected, reducing friction and improving communication on policy. 

If you read the above and resonated with some of the challenges we describe, we’d love to show you why thousands of government users rely on Esper everyday for their policymaking needs. Book a demo here. 

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