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GovTech Trends: Esper to host fire-side chat at State of GovTech 2022

Esper is excited to announce we will be hosting a fire-side chat at State of GovTech 2022.

Matthew Moloney September 12, 2022

Esper is excited to announce we will be hosting a fire-side chat at the State of GovTech 2022 event on October 5 at 3:30PM ET in Arlington, VA.

The State of GovTech 2022 is a dynamic in-person conference on the people, technologies, policies and cultures that make up the govtech ecosystem—brought to you by CivStart and Government Technology. The event takes place on October 5-6 at the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel.

This year’s event focuses on four exciting talk tracks, including GovTech Trends, Culture of Innovation, Technology Ecosystem and Policy Landscape.

Esper will be participating in a 30-minute fire-side chat in the GovTech Trends track titled Innovations in Policy: How Governments Are Using the Cloud for Policymaking.

Meet our GovTech Trends panel

In this panel discussion, Maleka Momand (Co-Founder & CEO, Esper), Gregg Conley (Executive Counsel, Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance & Safety Fire) and Chuck Grindle (Government Advisor, AWS & Former CIO, Commonwealth of Kentucky) dive into how government agencies are using cloud-based technology to deliver innovative solutions to the challenges of policymaking.

Maleka-Square Government Workflow Management Software Blog - GovTech

Maleka Momand will discuss how Esper’s govtech policy management platform has empowered a number of government agencies to create more data-driven, transparent and equitable policies.

Additionally, she will share anecdotes and success stories on how our government customers are using Esper to streamline their operations and increase efficiencies.

Gregg Conley - Outdated Regulations Case Study - GovTech

Gregg Conley will share how the Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance & Safety Fire office is setting state-wide regulatory best practices through their partnership with Esper.

He will also dive into how technology plays a key role in the work his office is doing, and why strategic partnerships with govtech vendors have helped their office achieve greater operational success.

Chuck Grindle - GovTech

Chuck Grindle, who during his time with the Commonwealth of Kentucky implemented Esper state-wide, will share why governments can benefit from cloud service providers—like Esper and AWS.

He will also discuss how implementing innovative new govtech can free up valuable resources for agency staff and streamline their overall operations.

What’s new with Esper?

Esper’s most recent government partner is the California Department of Motor Vehicles (CA DMV). CA DMV will be using Esper’s govtech platform to consolidate their rulemaking processes into a single source of truth—breaking down a previously siloed approach to policymaking. 

CA DMV chose Esper to continue a long-line of innovation within their department. Esper will be automating their rulemaking and approval workflows, streamlining their regulatory research, promoting more efficient processes and supporting greater collaboration throughout the department.

Our partnership with CA DMV comes on the heels of us launching our govtech platform with the California State Treasurer’s Office (CA STO). CA STO is leveraging Esper to automate key policy tasks and improve regulatory research for their Debt Limit Allocation Committee (CDLAC) and Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC).

Each committee has their own approval processes and stages for their rulemaking. This meant our team had to work closely with both committees to digitize their workflows, template all policy documents and provide project management tools to track the work being completed.


Esper’s suite of policy workflow and management tools are purpose-built for government agencies across the United States. Our cloud-based, SaaS platform allows for data-driven research, collaborative policymaking and public-facing engagement on the policies that impact citizens and employees.

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