California Capitol - Policymaking Platform Case Study
State of California
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California STO launches new policymaking platform

California STO launches Esper’s policymaking platform to automate two of their committee’s rulemaking & approval workflows.

The State of California is the fifth largest economy—with Treasurer Fiona Ma serving as the state’s primary banker. The agency provides financing for schools, roads, housing, recycling and waste management, hospitals, public facilities and other crucial infrastructure projects. The California State Treasurer’s Office (STO) has 16 boards, commissions and authorities it is responsible for, with each handling their own rulemakings and non-regulatory policymaking. The agency was looking for a policymaking platform that would increase the speed to decision making and create the most efficient workspace for rulemaking for two of their committees.

Esper and the California STO partnered in November of 2021 to launch a new policymaking platform that would modernize and streamline the agency’s rulemaking processes. The agency’s Debt Limit Allocation Committee (CDLAC) and Tax Credit Allocation Committee (CTCAC) will utilize Esper’s policymaking platform as their source of truth for their regulatory research, policy drafting and project management.

Prior to this new policymaking platform, California STO used a combination of email chains, shared network drives and Microsoft Word to draft and manage their rulemakings. While this process was working, it became increasingly difficult to maintain version control, track the progress of ongoing rulemaking projects and move as swiftly as the department wanted.

CDLAC and CTCAC also have their own unique workflows and approval processes, which Esper was able to automate and template. This includes digitizing all policy document templates for standard rulemaking packages, as well as all templates for the department’s emergency rulemakings.

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CDLAC and CTCAC can now easily search all of their regulations, laws and policy documents—and collaboratively draft amendments and repeals from Esper’s policymaking platform.

Esper’s policymaking platform will also provide California STO leadership with visibility into a task-driven process to improve services for all stakeholders. This Software as a Service (SaaS) business model also allows California STO to onboard additional committees and policymaking activities into the platform.

CDLAC and CTCAC will be using Esper’s policymaking platform to:

  • Streamline overall policymaking processes and workflows
  • Create a source of truth for regulatory research and policymaking
  • Increase collaboration across rulemakings with key stakeholders
  • Provide leadership with visibility into policymaking process


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