Esper expands statewide in Tennessee

Esper is pleased to announce our expanded, statewide partnership with the State of Tennessee. Esper has proudly supported Tennessee’s regulatory reform initiative since piloting with the Volunteer State in 2019. With the latest expansion, Esper will serve as the operating system for regulation management across all Tennessee executive branch agencies. 

We are committed to creating a business-friendly regulatory environment in Tennessee and Esper is a key part of our toolkit in this mission. We’re excited to make the platform available to all executive branch agencies to support their regulatory modernization work.

Erin Merrick
Chief Counsel to TN Governor Bill Lee

Tennessee has been at the forefront of regulatory best practices across state governments and serves as a model for other Esper customers looking to adopt regulatory review standards.

A Little History: 

  • 2019 Esper Pilot with 5 executive branch agencies to support rulemaking 
  • 2021 Tennessee legislature passes retrospective review requirements
  • 2022 Esper supports retrospective review for exec branch agencies 
  • 2023 Esper becomes regulatory operating system for TN executive branch agencies

What is a retrospective review? Why is it important? 

While retrospective review is a relatively new concept, it’s used extensively across state and federal government agencies as a mechanism to ensure outdated and redundant policies are removed or updated. Retrospective reviews require agencies to analyze and update their policies on a regular cadence. 

In Tennessee, executive branch agencies are required to review and recertify regulations every 8 years. This important accountability measure helps reduce regulatory burden on citizens and ensures regulations reflect modern standards. 

Many Tennessee agencies have hundreds of regulations, and manually reviewing regulations is a daunting task without technology. With Esper, Tennessee agencies now have a modern platform for creating and managing regulations and the retrospective review process. 

“Tennessee was one of Esper’s early adopters, and we are grateful for the expanded opportunity to continue supporting their important work of modernizing regulations for Tennesseans,” says Esper CEO Maleka Momand. 

Moving forward, Esper will serve as the regulatory source of truth for state executive branch agencies, eliminating the need for paper-based, manual processes. To learn more about Esper’s work in Tennessee and dozens of other state agencies, reach out below!

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