Esper expands statewide in Iowa

Esper is proud to announce our statewide expansion to all executive branch agencies in Iowa. Esper first partnered with the Hawkeye State in 2022, after Governor Kim Reynolds introduced statewide regulatory reform measures to reduce red tape. Esper piloted with several cabinet agencies, including the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Inspections, Appeals, and Licensing. The pilot agencies used Esper to review regulations and meet ambitious reform deadlines set by the Governor.

After a successful pilot, Esper is proud to now support all executive branch agencies with our comprehensive regulatory management system.

Esper showed up at exactly the right time in Iowa. We have ambitious goals to improve regulation for citizens, and Esper’s tools were perfectly suited to reduce red tape.

Nate Ristow
Administrative Rules Coordinator, Iowa Governor's Office

Why are more states adopting regulatory management systems? 

Iowa marks Esper’s third statewide implementation (others include Montana and Tennessee) in the last two years. It’s simple: states realize huge gains by centralizing regulatory management, freeing up staff to focus on high value tasks and improving citizen outcomes with a better managed regulatory system. 

How does the state of Iowa benefit by using Esper across all executive branch agencies? 

  1. Efficient and effective review of regulations 
  2. Easily compare regulations to those of neighboring states
  3. Up to date and less burdensome administrative code 
  4. Easy for citizens to read and understand regulations 
  5. Improved oversight of regulatory process 

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the state of Iowa and support their vision of a modern, well-managed regulatory process,” says Maleka Momand, Esper CEO.

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