Esper announces partnership with NH Office of Professional Licensure & Certification

Esper is proud to announce our latest partnership with the New Hampshire Office of Professional Licensure and Certification. The NH OPLC regulates over 50 occupations and professions, ranging from optometry to veterinary medicine. Ensuring public safety and evolving protocol and licensure requirements is a top priority for the agency as it conducts a large volume of regulatory changes each year.

We're excited to use Esper's technology to modernize our approach to administrative regulations and ensure the highest quality of service to our citizens.

Lindsey Courtney
Executive Director, OPLC Division of Administration

Despite OPLC’s broad purview, the agency has just two staff members who manage rulemaking for 57 boards. After reviewing Esper’s breadth of functionality and proven success with customers around the United States, the agency chose Esper to support its regulatory process and maximize available resources.

Here’s a glimpse at what NH OPLC gains with Esper’s technology:

A single source of truth for all regulatory activity
OPLC will significantly reduce the amount of time spent reconciling documents and tracking down the latest version of a policy.

Simplified collaboration on documents with built in formatting and templates
The lean team at OPLC will be able to work with efficiency on rulemaking documents with auto-populated templates.

Retained institutional knowledge
By using Esper for all rulemaking activity, NH OPLC is creating a living system of record that takes the guesswork out of rulemaking activity and reduces administrative overhead.

The OPLC marks the second agency in New Hampshire Esper is proud to support. For more information on Esper’s product and services, reach out to us for a consultation.

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