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How policymaking software can ease an administration change

Our latest guide walks you through how to develop a policy game plan to set up incoming administrations for success.

Maleka Momand October 17, 2022

There are 36 gubernatorial elections in November 2022, and many newly-elected officials will take office in the next six months. Outgoing administrations are beginning to create transition plans and need a way to equip incoming administrations with the historical context required to be successful. Inversely, newly-elected officials need a seamless way to onboard into their new role, implement fresh policy ideas and leverage new policymaking software or tools. 

This guide walks you through how to develop a policy game plan for administration changes. Below are some of the most important questions and information to capture and share between outgoing and incoming governments. 

Automate workflows with policymaking software

How does your organization create and implement policies today? What are the key business processes you follow and where do they take place?

Most state governments have layered and complex workflows for the different types of policies they create. For example, an emergency rulemaking may follow an expedited approval process while a standard notice of proposed rulemaking is typically a year long process. 

When customers onboard Esper’s policymaking software, all of their business processes and logic are mapped and configured within the product. They are easy to modify and create clear lines of communication between stakeholders.

When a new person takes office, less administrative onboarding is required to plug them into key workflows.

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Visualize key deadlines in your policymaking software

Are there upcoming deadlines that the new administration should be aware of? Normal government operations don’t stop when an administration changes. Extend your new administration a favor and mark upcoming deadlines for them in an easy-to-consume manner within Esper’s policymaking software. 

Esper’s timeline view makes it simple to see all upcoming policy work and deadlines across your agency. You can filter by a project and people view to understand how projects are resourced.

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Cyclical projects 

Are there annual or bi-annual reports or projects that your organization conducts? How does your team conduct work during seasonal legislative sessions? 

Pull together examples of past reports and have the team that worked on them put together a brief outlining their process. 

The Policy Builder within Esper’s policymaking software helps you anticipate cyclical projects with product features like a “Needs Review” feature and the ability to assign projects to internal stakeholders in the future.

Share resources

Are there websites, research organizations or policymaking software tools that make your job easier? Make a note of them and share them with your new officials. Better yet, set them up with accounts so they can have everything they need at their fingertips on day one. 

Set aside budget for policymaking software and other resources

When a new administration comes in, they’re inevitably going to want to bring in new resources, whether it’s policymaking software or staff members. Setting aside a portion of your annual budget for the new official makes it easy for them to set up shop and gather the tools they’ll need to succeed.

Policies and procedures

What are your organization’s key operating procedures and policies? Where do they live? 

Esper’s policymaking software creates a single source truth for all of your policies. We make it easy to pull up historical versions, tag policies and create new policies from your uploaded templates.

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Helping your successor take stock of the policy landscape and providing them with a playbook to hit the ground running will make the transition easier for everyone. Without a comprehensive game plan, you may risk creating inefficiencies and hassle for both you and the incoming administration.

To learn more about how Esper’s policymaking software can help you simplify and streamline a successful transition, feel free to schedule some time with one of our state government experts.

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