Esper Launches with Mississippi Department of Child Protective Services

Maleka Momand May 26, 2023

The Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services (MDCPS) oversees foster care placement and child welfare services for approximately 4,000 children in the Magnolia state. Its mission of protecting children, supporting families, and encouraging lasting family connections resonates deeply with us. We’re proud to announce that Esper is working with MDCPS to support its important work.

The Mississippi Legislature recently separated MDCPS from its long-standing umbrella agency, The Mississippi Department of Human Services. The separation presented an opportunity for MDCPS to modernize its policymaking system, create new business processes for managing policy, and centralize all of its policies into one place.

MDCPS has a large team of specialists and staff within all 82 Mississippi counties that need mobile access to the latest policies at their fingertips.

With Esper’s policy management system, MDCPS will be able to:

  • Seamlessly publish policies to its team
  • Track engagement with policies overtime
  • Easily search and find current and previous versions of policy within Esper
  • Reduce administrative overhead and improve policy compliance

Commissioner Andrea Sanders stated, “Our work is too important to rely on outdated or unreliable systems. Working with Esper to create an efficient and intuitive tool to drive our policy development and distribution forward will be a factor in improving outcomes for children and families in Mississippi.”

“We’re excited about the opportunity to reconsider how MDCPS creates policy as we work to protect one of Mississippi’s most vulnerable populations,” said Michael Pantin, MDCPS Chief Information Officer.

Esper’s mission is to help governments focus on policy, not paperwork. MDCPS chose Esper because of the software’s intuitive design, easy-to-use workflows, and simplicity of creating and publishing policies from a single source of truth. With Esper, MDCPS can focus on its mission-critical work and leverage the institutional knowledge housed in Esper.

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